• Juan Torrico

May The NFT Be With You

As I am transition away from the Entrepreneurist, I could not have picked a better day than May the 4th to launch TorricoWire, a digital publication that provides insight, resources, and news that connects individuals to the digital & blockchain economy.

Growing up, I was influenced by Star Wars and other sci-fi movies. It fueled my interest in technology, computers, and programming. That is why I am happy to start TorricoWire with a digital art piece I created from a photograph I took and used photoshop to create this digital image. My goal is to eventual sell this art piece as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

To learn more about NFT and how this will change the way we do business in the art world, click on the links below.

NFTs, ExplainedI have questions about this emerging... um... art form? Platform?

Latest Auction on Foundation.App, a platform were individuals can sell their digital art piece.

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